Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fornells, Menorca

Currently anchored in Fornells, Menorca, after spending a few days in
Mahon. 47 boats in a very tight space of Cala Taleura, with a forecast
for strong winds, and we were all on the minimum anchor scope to
prevent us swinging into each other. We found an unoccupied corner and
tied back to some small rock, to get out of the way, and all was
well, once we found some rocks that didn't fall apart.
Fornells is busy but beautiful. Attractive town and wooded hills. The
bay reminds us of Poole Harbour on an August Bank Holiday. It is
packed with windsurfers, kayaks, dinghies, superyachts, stink boats
(motor boats) and swimmers, all enjoying being on the water. I
spotted some blue stingy things, so am keeping out of the water here.

We are headed to Pollensa on Mallorca in the next couple of days to
meet up with some old friends there.